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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Steph Closer?

…Knicks’ Year-End Grade

Steph is the epitome of a player who embodies a city and the dominant (hip hop) culture of our times. His persona is best described by the words of two hip hop icons who were cut down in their prime: 2Pac Shakur’s album title (me against the world) and Notorious B.IG.’s lyrics from “Hypnotize” (you got it, flaunt it… that Brooklyn bullsh!t…we’re on it).

The numbers the music or the player puts up to lay bare his value are used as fodder for critics. Though he will never win his critics over, Marbury will do best to realize he cannot lead those who refuse to follow, until they fail at leading. This past season he often played the passive role, letting his teammates shine or fade.

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