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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Canadian Sun Set, or Miami On Ice?

by Rob King

Dr. James Naismith would be proud to see the remarkable run of his fellow country man and regular season MVP Steve Nash. Over the past four games Canadian son, Steve Nash surpassed Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan, becoming the first player in NBA history with four consecutive playoff games of at least 25 points and 10 assists. The nasty Nash show recorded this feat in the final two contests of the Dallas series and the first two games of the Conference finals against San Antonio.

Nash’s run will conclude quickly unless Phoenix can rise from the ashes and get back into their Western Conference series with the Spurs that resumes tonight. After dropping the first two games on their home floor, the Suns are confronted with the challenge of having to win tonight to prevent the Spurs from putting a stranglehold on the series.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

2 Err On The Side of Crushing

It is easy to play ‘Chicken Little’ and exclaim the season over, because these past losses are a stark reminder of last year’s lost season when the infielders committed errors at inopportune moments. When starting pitchers rarely went past five innings, often spotting opponents early runs. When relievers failed to provide reassurance that the other team will not get another insurance run.

The stark difference between these recent losses and last year’s: one really felt the Mets would win these games with late inning heroics. Though manager Willie Randolph sees the errors as growing pains, some of the plays are signs the young infielders are not throwing caution to the wind, and have instead adopted a reckless streak in their approach to the game.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Playoffs Wrap-up: Three The Hard Way

by Rob King

It’s now obvious where the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion obtained their brain, heart and courage. All items came courtesy of the Washington Wizards who played the Miami Heat without all three. Now they’re off to the Land of Oz after melting under intense playoff Heat.

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sunday wrap-up: Deuces Are Wild

When it comes to what plagues the NBA, many point to the lack of fundamentals exhibited by the league’s new entrants. If either of these teams wins the Western Conference or the championship, this series is the precursor to a pint-sized defensive style of play that will afflict the NBA for decades.

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

NBA Playoffs First Round Wrap

by Rob King

For authentic hoop heads the 2005 playoffs have been entertaining. Personally I have been rolling with the Wildcats as former University of Arizona point guards wrapped up their first round playoff series - Jason Terry of the Dallas Mavericks, and Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards.

Up in Boston, the Celtics hoped to emulate their New England neighbors in the NFL and end the title hopes of another team from Indiana. They tried beating the Pacers in game seven and putting Miller time on ice forever. But, the Indiana Pacers showed they could handle “The Truth” and beat Boston for a Game 7 road win.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Phil’s Texas Ten Spot

by Rob King

A playoff series loss to the Mavericks would further cement the Rockets M and M boys’ reputation for melting in the playoffs. McGrady has never advanced past the first round of the playoffs in his career, while Ming seems to be folding in the postseason under pressure like a bad poker hand. Add Phil Jackson to the mix and the Rockets will not only easily move past the first round but become instant threats to dethrone the winners of this year’s championship. Phil’s reputation alone assures this outcome.

When Jackson peruses the current NBA landscape, coaching Houston is the only position that provides a real opportunity to get his record breaking 10th NBA title. The Rockets’ star players Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming along with role players like David Wesley and Scott Padgett are well suited to execute “Chief Triangle’s” offense.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Sunday wrap-up: Series Business

With one week of NBA playoffs done, it is rather easy to discern the trouble spots for a team’s losing ways.

3 & 6 match-ups – The Truth: it’s Miller time ‘cause He Got Game

In both conferences, there was a common theme of the three lower echelon teams wanting to finish as the 6th seed in order to face Seattle or Boston. Even if you’re not religious, Sunday night, you had to give praise to Ray Allen doing his best ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’ impersonation, as he torched the Sacramento Kings for 45. Allen could have easily gone for 55, had not the team decided to involve Jerome James and Rashard Lewis.

The most up & down series to date features two teams with short fuses. Game 2 and 3 was about Reggie Miller’s range, while in Game 4 Paul Pierce showed why he was dubbed ‘The Truth'…of the matter, Antoine Walker - getting suspended for Game 4 - gave credence to Danny Ainge’s concern, and why this team’s core (Pierce and Walker) need to be traded, unless they reach the Conference Finals.

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