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Monday, December 07, 2009

Iverson Answers 76ers Call To Start Resurgence, Against Nuggets – NBA Picks (12/07/09)

Allen Iverson is coming out of retirement. In the tearful press conference video below, Iverson answers reporters’ questions on why he has answered the Philadelphia 76ers call to help restart a franchise which not long ago complied and traded him. Iverson’s return means that he will, not only, start games but also the 76ers resurgence at the box office.

The Denver Nuggets come into town to face a Philadelphia team that has lost 8 straight games, and 10 out of 11. Iverson’s return changes this path in the sense that he provides something the team is missing: leadership. The Sixers lost it when they refused to re-sign Andre Miller this past summer. It was a confusing move, not to offer him the same type of deal that he got from the Portland Trail Blazers.