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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EvenMoney’s NBA Draft 2011 – Top 10 Power Forwards, #8

#8 – Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris is the Wax Paper by J-Live player of the draft, in that so much of the song – lyrics, flow and beat – sounds like a metaphor for Marcus’s career and its current crossroads.

He had a twin brother borns in the part
One was dark, one was light, neither was right
Taking turns letting off shots to move crowds
With the needlepoint aim and the infrared sights so they ruled the night
And don't let the motive be anything more than cold-blooded
Cause then he'll put two times the effort in the caper
When diamond-tipped shells will drop jewels in your dome
Pull out your heart, and wrap it up in wax paper

Marcus in  the same predicament as another NBA twin (Brook Lopez); his game leans more on the offensive side and that has people wondering what it would be like if he and brother Markieff were melded.

We don’t feel that is necessary because Marcus is one iota away from being a complete two-way player. He needs to increase output and/or performance in the following categories: 3pt shooting (35%); FT shooting (69%); while adding a few more Blocks and Steals.

As the song says, all he has to do is “put two times the effort in the caper”. Still not convinced? Ponder the stats below and press play!

Marcus Morris


 Out of 138 players:
·        Marcus Morris is a first-round pick in only 1 of the 4 metrics, the one that factors in overall production. Our projection is first round 13 to 18.
·        Luckily for him, many teams draft utilizing only that metric. For Marcus to justify such a high pick, he has to put in the gym work.
·        Considered as a whole (BPM), as well as for each specialty (PCM for Production; DIR for Defense; and TPA (Talent/Skill-set).