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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV – Saints vs Colts – Even Money’s Picks

Saints vs Colts is the matchup for Super Bowl XLIV (Super Bowl 44). Though this game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts has not received the normal fanfare that recent Super Bowls have, this contest features two marquee Quarter Backs: this NFL season’s MVP Peyton Manning, and Pro Bowler Drew Brees.

To win this game, the Saints will need a big game from Running Backs Reggie Bush and Mike Bell. For Bush, his contribution will be the all-around game he provides, particularly field position off of kick returns. The New Orleans Saints might want to follow the blueprint they used to march all over the New England Patriots in a NFL Week 11.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts Defeat Jets vs Colts in AFC championship game 2010; Head to Super Bowl XLIV

Jets vs Colts - AFC Championship game 2010 result: 30-17. The Indianapolis Colts defeated the New York Jets by displaying the offensive firepower they are known for. Trailing at the half (17-13), the Colts scored 17 points in the second half as Quarterback Peyton Manning threw 3 Touchdowns for the game – one to Pierre Garcon. The Colts advance to Super Bowl XLIV (44) in Miami. FL where they are the early favorites at -2.5 points.
The turning points were the injury to Jets Corner Back Donald Strickland, 2 passes to Austin Collie (one for a touchdown), and an early second half injury to Jets Running Back Shonn Greene.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Will Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts Cakewalk In NFL Playoffs 2010?

Jets vs Colts should not be close though many pundits are giving the New York Jets a chance to win this NFL Playoffs 2010 matchup. Do they not realize that the pressure they claim Peyton Manning is par for the course? The Indianapolis Colts have been a dominant franchise since Tony Dungy arrived.

The Colts won 10 games that first season (2002) and have won 12 games for 7 straight years – doing it this year with a new coach.


Will New York Jets Fly Over Colts In NFL Playoffs 2010?

Jets vs Colts shows no matter how much people claim that defense wins championships that deep down they “dig the long ball”. For the New York Jets to win the AFC Championship and beat the Indianapolis Colts in this NFL Playoffs 2010 matchup, they’re going to need Quarterback Mark Sanchez to go deep at least once - then they will make it to Super Bowl XLIV.

The New York Jets are not an enigma. They do not try to trick teams. They prefer to run the ball and have their defense control field position.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will New Orleans Saints ‘Brees’ Through NFL Playoffs 2010?

Vikings vs Saints will determine career and a legacy. For the New Orleans Saints, a win in the NFC Championship (NFL Playoffs 2010) means the capital “S” can never again be left out of their team name. If Drew Brees wins a Super Bowl XLIV then any future passing numbers and wins he puts up has his career discussed in Hall of Fame terms.

The Saints will win if they make the first half more about the running game for both teams and lessen the number of times Brett Favre passes the ball.


Will Favre, Vikings Win NFL Playoffs NFC Championship?

Vikings vs Saints is what it comes down to in this year’s NFC Championship game. This marquee NFL playoff matchup could be Brett Favre’s final NFL game. Favre and the Minnesota Vikings will win the NFC Championship and head into Super Bowl XLIV only if they are able to keep the New Orleans Saints from scoring 24 points. The Vikings have shown that they can be stopped when playing a team with a good defense but they have not proven they can stop a potent offense.