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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NCAA PCM – Draft Board / Report 2008

By Guichard Cadet

Unlike previous drafts, the activity will mainly center on the picks themselves and NOT the current players traded. Though I do foresee 3 key trades, selecting the Lottery (top 14 picks) proved much harder than previous years.

Thankfully, the PCM helped clear some of the confusion, which led to a DRAFT BOARD based on “NEED” as opposed to strictly a projection of where a team plans to be in X number of years. This is the reality of today’s NBA where player movement is technically “RESTRICTED” until realistically their 8th year in the league, unless they have no value to their team.

So, teams should look to not get saddled with “unmovable” contracts and use the draft to build a core of 3 KEY young players.


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