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Monday, September 12, 2016

Rams, Niners, A New Day - NFL 2016 MNF 1

"I’m talking about the Kaepernick Revolution that is currently underway. In short, we need a new National Anthem, one written by a non-bigot."

--Doni Glover

And I’ll never let my son have an ego
He’ll be nice to everyone, wherever we go
I mean, I might even make ‘em be Republican
So everybody know he love white people
    ---Kanye West

"The NFL showed a total lack of integrity in the relocation process. It was a Broadway show for the world! They made sure to hold hearings in each of the relocation cities to give fans a chance to voice their questions and concerns so that all the owners could take our opinions into consideration when making their decision. Really? This decision was made over two years ago!"  --Dan Palen

 ...sounds like they're talking about the Darren Wilson grand jury.

https://static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/2016/01/13/nfl-cities- chart/19680069501e5b4f7105a3f032ff8685fa1b31fc/WEB-NFL_Cities-600.png

"Politicians from both parties justify taxpayer subsidies by claiming that building these stadiums creates jobs and helps the economy.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  A study released in September 2015 by the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) measured poverty rates and median household income for the areas that the stadiums were located.  In 60 percent of the cases studied, poverty rates increased and median household decreased.  In only 20 percent of the cases studies, there was an improvement in poverty rates and median household income."

Los Angeles At San Francisco (+3; 43) is getting prime billing with the late Monday Night Football slot, same as it had last year. Kaepernick is not starting and will likely not play. The two teams are NFC West division rivals who are likely fighting for third place and, at best, a shot at the Wild Card in the NFC.

The two split their games last season but the Rams were the better team. The odds favor the Rams (.632) and it's early in the season enough to just go with the grain.

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