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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Phil’s Texas Ten Spot

by Rob King

A playoff series loss to the Mavericks would further cement the Rockets M and M boys’ reputation for melting in the playoffs. McGrady has never advanced past the first round of the playoffs in his career, while Ming seems to be folding in the postseason under pressure like a bad poker hand. Add Phil Jackson to the mix and the Rockets will not only easily move past the first round but become instant threats to dethrone the winners of this year’s championship. Phil’s reputation alone assures this outcome.

When Jackson peruses the current NBA landscape, coaching Houston is the only position that provides a real opportunity to get his record breaking 10th NBA title. The Rockets’ star players Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming along with role players like David Wesley and Scott Padgett are well suited to execute “Chief Triangle’s” offense.

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