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Monday, May 02, 2005

Sunday wrap-up: Series Business

With one week of NBA playoffs done, it is rather easy to discern the trouble spots for a team’s losing ways.

3 & 6 match-ups – The Truth: it’s Miller time ‘cause He Got Game

In both conferences, there was a common theme of the three lower echelon teams wanting to finish as the 6th seed in order to face Seattle or Boston. Even if you’re not religious, Sunday night, you had to give praise to Ray Allen doing his best ‘Jesus Shuttlesworth’ impersonation, as he torched the Sacramento Kings for 45. Allen could have easily gone for 55, had not the team decided to involve Jerome James and Rashard Lewis.

The most up & down series to date features two teams with short fuses. Game 2 and 3 was about Reggie Miller’s range, while in Game 4 Paul Pierce showed why he was dubbed ‘The Truth'…of the matter, Antoine Walker - getting suspended for Game 4 - gave credence to Danny Ainge’s concern, and why this team’s core (Pierce and Walker) need to be traded, unless they reach the Conference Finals.

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