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Friday, June 17, 2011

EvenMoney’s NBA Draft 2011 – Top 10 Power Forwards, #9

#9 – Kenneth Faried

Kenneth Faried is the player most likely to wreck your draft board. Take that as a positive and a negative! Some are reporting there’s a team or two thinking of taking him Top 10.

Though we like Faried very much, enough to compare him (favorably) to Taj Gibson; enough to put him over some players from top schools, we have some reservations, namely his height and what position and/or role he will play and whether he can score in the NBA.

Other than that, we think his athleticism, energy and rebounding prowess will translate well into the league. Still not convinced? Ponder the stats below and press play!
Kenneth Faried

 Out of 138 players:
·        Kenneth Faried is a first-round pick in all 4 metrics. The major knock against him is that he played at Morehead State and did not face top competition.
·        He’s worth the risk at 14 to 20 because of his defense and rebounding.
·        Considered as a whole (BPM), as well as for each specialty (PCM for Production; DIR for Defense; and TPA (Talent/Skill-set).

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