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Thursday, June 09, 2011

EvenMoney’s NBA Draft 2011 – Top 5 Small Forwards, #1

 #1 – Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams might be the best player in this draft when it comes to a future NBA career. He is the kind of guy a team can rebuild around by relying on his offensive dominance and brilliance. He is the player a team has to be willing to give consistent guidance as to what makes a NBA superstar player.

Williams can score with the best of them – on the break, the post and the perimeter, including three-point range (57%). He has a NBA build, though if slotted to play Power Forward regularly he would be considered undersized. As a projected Small Forward, the scoring and rebounding fits, but not the lack of playmaking numbers and the high number of personal fouls.

Still not convinced? Ponder the stats below and press play!

Derrick Williams


 Out of 138 players:
·        Williams’s overall numbers do not impress, as he would be a first round pick in only 1 of the 4 metrics – the one that gives us overall production. He is slated to go Top 4.
·        If picked by the right team, he will have instant success; otherwise he may suffer question marks throughout his career.
·        He needs strong coaching so that he can become a better playmaker and defender.
·        Considered as a whole (BPM), as well as for each specialty (PCM for Production; DIR for Defense; and TPA (Talent/Skill-set).

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