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Monday, September 21, 2015

Can I Get A Jets Fan? - NFL 2015 MNF 2

Upset-minded fans are looking at tonight's matchup of New York Jets At Indianapolis (-6.5; 45) as a continuation of yesterday's many unexpected results. It's really a split decision when it comes to the two true upsets and what the Jets have in common with those teams.

The Tampa Bay Bucs as an AWAY team, slated to lose by roughly 10 points was at best a 50% chance to not lose by that many. The Bucs did better than that and actually won the game. In recent years, the Bucs when faced with such spreads have pulled off similar upsets.

The Oakland Raiders at HOME lost the first week and were expected to lose again. As the Bucs, the Raiders are a team often faced with long odds. What the numbers couldn't pick up from yesterday's game is that the Ravens stayed out on the west coast after Week 1's game.

Neither of these are factors for the New York Jets. We then have to consider what the New York Jets showed last week on their way to their win, which was mainly propelled by knocking out the Cleveland Browns' starting Quarterback.

For the Colts, they get a pass because the Buffalo Bills put up points and are tough at home.

The numbers are not convincing for either team - Colts to win by 4 and Jets to lose by 6.

So, I go with Colts (Over).  Pick wisely, come back for Thursday's picks and enjoy this playlist.

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