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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Wimbledon 2019 Women's Champion

Simona Halep defeated Serena Williams in under one hour by following the script Serena has written for herself in three recent majors finals. Halep played a great match on offense and defense but the key was to let Serena make the errors.

Serena continues to let her nerves for reaching 24 major titles control her game when she reaches the championship match. She seems to be trying to find the right balance of aggressive and passive when it comes to her swings.

Halep capitalized on that by knowing when to attack and when to center the ball right at Serena. The errors came into the net, past the baseline and across the sidelines. Serena deserted her own aggressive serving game, ending with only two aces.

For Halep, the next few months will provide ample opportunity to vault herself to the WTA #1 ranking as she normally does well during the US Open Series of tournaments leading to the US Open.

Serena now has to decide how many warm-up tournaments she should play and whether she needs to hoist a smaller tournament's championship trophy before aiming to lift one at the US Open and future majors.

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