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Friday, September 06, 2019

US Open 2019 Men's Singles Semifinals Picks

US Open 2019 Fourth Round Picks, RESULTS
Total: 1 Wins; 3 Losses

It rarely happens but of "The Big Three", only one of them has reached the semifinals of this majors. If Rafael Nadal does not win the tournament, a non-Big Three player will win, which hasn't happened since Stan Wawrinka won the 2016 US Open.

Medvedev D. (5) vs. [Dimitrov G.] --  Medvedev has been the better player all year. In this tournament, their play have been in the same range, with Dimitrov facing a slightly higher caliber of competition. Dimitrov's defeat of de Minaur was masterful though a bit less surprising than his win over Federer.

Normally players have a letdown after such a big win. For Dimitrov, the aspects of his game that outclass other opponents and allowed him to hang with Federer do not give him an edge over Medvedev. His lone consolation is his demeanor will allow him to not get rankled by the emotional high and lows Medvedev brings to the court.

Medvedev is a ball striker and moves well for his height. He has not shown much weakness in his game. This is a toss-up and matter of preference, mainly on style. They've split their two meetings.

Berrettini M. (24) vs. [Nadal R.] (2) -- Can Berrettini go five sets to beat Nadal? That's what it took for him to outlast Gael Monfils who, once again, struggled with energy, air, motivation -- truly not sure what ails Gael, particularly in these big matches. That's to be discussed another time.

The moment we are in calls for Berrettini to surpass what Diego Schwartzman did in the quarterfinals against Nadal. Although it was a straigh set win for Nadal, Schwartzman showed non-Big Three opponents a way to beat Nadal: go right at him with power, shot for shot, while minimizing off-speed shots such as slices and drop volleys.

Roger Federer is the only player who beats Nadal using a variety of shots. Novak Djokovic frustrates Nadal with deep balls and court angles. For Nadal, beating Berrettini might be a matter of just being himself and wearing down his opponent. Berrettini must show he has the movement and stamina or this will be over in straight sets.


Unknown said...

Good write up.

Guichard Cadet said...

Thanks. Nadal held up the old guard while Medvedev continues to roll.