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Saturday, September 07, 2019

US Open 2019 Women's Finals Picks

US Open 2019 Women's Semifinals Picks RESULTS
Total:  2 Wins; 0 Losses

Many saw this as the potential matchup due to Bianca Andreescu's dominance when healthy this current year, and the greatness of Serena Williams.

Andreescu B. V. (15) vs. [Williams S.] (8) -- The first layer of this match is the emotional component that Andreescu brings and uses to distract her opponents. This component has surfaced in Serena's game when she reaches the championship match of a majors. In her three most recent tries, Serena has faltered in her quest to match "24" - the number of majors singles championships by Margaret Court. She has been anxious and out of sorts.

For Serena, it doesn't start with power. It starts with composure and the confidence knowing if she does not make a ton of errors, her opponent cannot win. Serena also has to be ready to run forward a lot because Andreescu has all the shots, including a wicked slice coupled with drop shots and lobs.

Andreescu will attempt to get Serena to overhit in order to counter the attacks with wide angle shots and then draw Serena into the net. The key disadvantage for Andreescus is her serve, which Serena will attack. If Andreescu goes down an early break, then look for a rout the way Serena handled most of her tournament opponents.

Otherwise look for a three-set match where a young upstart pushes a revered veteran to the limits.

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